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Private class for your group! Offered nation-wide schedule permitting
Any ages!   10am-4pm.  20-60 People.  $40/person
Contact Curtis at 678-822-2016

Let’s Learn Together


We offer 2 day classes in the spring for groups in the Florida, Georgia, Alabama,  and Iowa areas. More areas are available schedule permitting.  These classes will be 2 days from 10am-4pm.  We can create the course specifically for your event.  If you are a corporate organization that wants team building, communication and leadership training, we can do that! If you are a youth group that is looking for adventure and outdoor skills, we can do that! If you are a Classical Conversations group looking to do something to create community and memories outside the classroom, we can help you. We can teach Survival skills, outdoor skills, adventure skills and more.  Contact us if you are interested in this for your group! Call or text Curtis at 678-822-2016

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