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Come and enjoy 2 days of learning homesteading and survival skills with hands on activities and demonstrations. From a Christian perspective, we will learn how God has created so many resources for us and we must invest the time in learning the skills.  Experts will be teaching on many different skill sets such as but not limited to:

  • soap making

  • metal forging

  •  plant ID

  •  medicinal uses for plants

  • fire building

  • shelter

  • water collection and purification

  • sustainable gardening

  • bee keeping 

  • wilderness first aid

  • leather working

  • navigation

  • camp fire cooking


There will be food for purchase but feel free to bring food for your family if you prefer. There will be items to purchase to help you with continued learning and preparedness. 

EXPO 2024

Opelika Alabama    

APRIL 19-20

Come and join us for both days

9am-5pm (come and go as you like) each day.


$10 if you purchase your ticket in advance.

$12 if purchased at the event 

(includes admission for both days)

Family cap price is $40

(immediate family only) 

If you are interested in being an

exhibiter please contact

Curtis at 678-822-2016


Bold acts expo

When we watch the news or follow politics the world quickly looks very hopeless. But we are not without hope.  Christ and His saving grace is key to our hopefulness.  Through that lens, we study preparedness at the Bold Acts Survival and Homesteading Expo.  Our goal is to teach life saving and sustaining skills to families all over the country, so that they are prepared for hard and uncertain times. We desire that their ultimate security comes from Christ. Being self-sufficient isn't our goal.  Our goal is to be fully reliant on Christ and utilize the tools that He has given us to survive and thrive. 

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